Kincardine Pier

90 kph winds?  It would have been easy to just sit at home, turn on the fireplace and surf Twitter for the afternoon but I had to head down to Station Beach and check out the pier.  The Kincardine area was forecast for snow and heavy winds (90 kilometres per hour or 55 mph) so I took a drive to see what I could find.  I’ve seen some cool photographs of light houses engulfed in waves during heavy storms but in this area, I’ll have to settle for a light beacon!

This photo was shot hand held @f6.3, 1/50 of a second.  I had been shooting with the tripod set up and my battery started to flash empty.  I figured I’d get up and stretch my legs and shoot a few ‘handheld’.  I still had the camera mounted to the tripodso it gave some good handles to pin the camera tight to my eye/body.  Watch for the next formal upload of photos for sale, I’ll be processing the rest of the batch in Aperture and see what keepers are buried in the RAW photos from the shoot.


Heavy Winds - Kincardine Pier

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