Eastern Ontario – Rapids Photos

One of the benefits of going to visit family is checking out new locations.  For those that are geologically challenged, Eastern Ontario (i.e. Ottawa Valley) is part of the Canadian Shield.  The Canadian Shield is a ‘vast geological shield’ (read rocky!) that makes for some interesting landscape opportunities.  (See more info here.) I’ll often go to Blakeney Rapids and see what I can find during a sunrise.  Blakeney is located along the Mississippi River (Canadian version) and used to host a number of industries, most notably a mill which used the river for power many years ago.  There’s not much left that resembles the former village but there have been some great signage recently installed to give visitors an idea of what used to be here.  You can also see some crazy kayakers practicing on the rapids in the spring…see here.

I was fortunate to be shooting on a morning of some pretty cool fog which made for some moody images.  Here are a few shots from that morning.  Some of these shots may make the next cut for the next Top 5 photo sale.  Some are processed with the HDR (high dynamic range) technique which really brings out the fog.  I’ll highlight the software processing that I usually do in the future.

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5 thoughts on “Eastern Ontario – Rapids Photos

  1. Amazing pics!!! This is by far one of my favourite places to go to, especially during the summer. Alot of memories have been made here at the Blakeney Rapids. Thanks for sharing Jay 🙂

      • Im back and forth between B.C. and home. Im selling my house out by Hopetown and then i will be joining the wifey out west. I can never totally leave Almonte though, so i will be back and forth between the 2 provinces for work. Im still roofing and have alot of work that i can do in both provinces so i get the best of both worlds… 🙂 Its good to hear from you too buddy, and i hope all is well and good to see your photography. Cheers

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