March Photos Uploaded

Since its the middle of the month, its time for a new upload of landscape images for sale.  This month’s crop are an exciting mix of some of my favourites mixed with some recent photos from earlier blog posts.  I haven’t spend a lot of time in the field lately; sometimes life takes over a bit but nonetheless, the weather in Bruce County lately has been fantastic so we should be able to see more sun and less overcast at sunset.  There’s a rumour right now that National Geographic may be doing a feature on the sunsets we get on the shores of Lake Huron (nudge nudge wink wink…check out my website National Geographic!  I’m available for hire!).

Anyway, I hope you can take some time and check out the latest round of images.  Full size images are available to view at or click on Current Photos For Sale on the banner.

1) Kincardine Sunset at the Pier

This photo was taken with a tripod and my Canon 10-22mm wide-angle lens.  I had been shooting earlier at a different location with HDR in mind so this photo was shot with a -2 Exposure Compensation.  I thought this image was fine without the HDR processing and continually I’m finding sunset photos work best under exposed.  ISO 100, f4.5, 1/8s.

2) Kincardine Fireworks

I took this image at the July 1st Canada Day fireworks show.  This was shot on a tripod with my Canon 24-105IS lens.  A shutter release is critical for this type of work with the camera on bulb mode.  I set the camera at ISO 400, f16 (for a middle of the road aperture since depth isn’t critical here) and pressed the shutter open for 4 seconds.  This fireworks show was great for shooting since the wind was very low.  I tried to shoot this same show the next year and the images didn’t work; windy conditions pushed the fireworks around in the sky and didn’t make for many great images.

3) Kincardine Pier

This image was posted here for the 55 mph winds we had on March 3rd.  Check out the post for all the details.

4) Blakeney Rapids

I posted the details of this shoot on March 8th, found here.  This was a fun shoot since the fog and the sunrise made for some great images.  I use the Nik Effects HDR Pro software which has some great presets.  I believe this preset was called Granny’s Attic which frankly I hadn’t found much use for in the past.  The basic colour palette  of the mostly black/white/fog I think works best with this preset.  Sometimes you get lucky with presets and this was one of those times where it just looked great with very little tweaking.

Blakeney Rapids

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