Sometimes things just work out…

…and sometimes they don’t.  If you’re contemplating more landscape photography in your life, you better get used to early mornings or late evenings where the light just won’t cooperate or your compositions aren’t working out…or both.  I went out last night to capture the elusive Kincardine Lighthouse which I just haven’t had much luck with getting an A+ shot during the winter.  Unfortunately this night was more of the same.  I’ve been driving past the empty harbour for the last month thinking there has to be a way to shoot the harbour and get the lighthouse too in a cool composition.  The first try was from the western boat dock but I just wasn’t feeling the composition so I moved to the south east corner and shot this panorama…more of the same….a small lighthouse in the corner with very little ‘magic hour’ light at sunset wasn’t what I had in mind.

The tough part about this lighthouse is its tucked back with the houses and a brand new bridge which doesn’t add much character to the shot.  I moved to the western edge of the harbour by the picket fence and shot another panorama but by this time the wind was howling off the lake and I just couldn’t get my tripod steady in the sand. The next tripod I’ll buy will definitely have the ability to hang my backpack of the bottom of the ballhead for more stability.  I’ll be back to try this one again when its calmer.  The beauty of small apertures (i.e. f29) is the star burst of the lights which makes for a cool effect and this setup seems to hold the most promise.

The next try was to go and shoot the reflections off the sand.  The sunset wasn’t very warm, few clouds were in the sky and boy was it windy…but there’s always something to learn, especially when photo shoots don’t go well.  High wind and sand are a very difficult combination for sharp images since both will make long exposures unsteady.

As I was setting up shooting the sand reflections, a buddy dropped by to say hello!  I look down the shore to watch for interesting compositions and along comes a beaver.  This guy was quite interested in what I was doing…and for those of you that are photographers, you’ll note that I shot this at 22mm focal length!  The longest setting on my wide angle lens!  The beaver was only about 4 feet away!  He trundled along the shore and watched me shoot for a while and then eventually left.  I guess the photographer’s creed of “f8 and be there” holds true once again.  “Be there” is the the most important part – you can’t learn and make good images laying on the couch but that’s a blog post for another time.

After having some fun shooting this friendly accomplice, I noticed some sand reflections from the beach lights.  This series of reflections may hold the best chance for some processing in the future for website sales; the rest of tonight is just chalked up for some good practice and a victory in getting out and improving the decision tree in your mind as to what you want to capture and dialling in your camera to express that vision.  One of my 2012 goals is to have 10 locations scouted out and shot for reference so when the conditions are ripe, I’ll be prepared.

I’ve ordered 3 new prints from (based in Toronto) for an open house for new artists in Goderich at the Goderich Co-op Gallery.  I’ll save the details for the next post.  Here are a few more images from tonight. Enjoy!


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