June Landscape Photography Upload

Let’s take a closer look at the June ‘cream of the crop’ shall we?  Shooting lately has been non-existent…check out my previous blog to know why.  One landscape shooter that I follow is Mr. Dan Jurak (heavy on the Mr. since I don’t know him) and he is a landscape photographer and former fashion photographer from the Edmonton area that doesn’t stress when there are gaps in the shooting schedule.  He notes (and I agree completely) that taking a break can refill the batteries and give some more perspective on your personal projects.  You can check out Dan’s photography blog here.

We missed the May photo upload so I thought rather than post on the 15th of the month, we better get to it!

1) The Erie Belle Boiler – Boiler Beach Road, Kincardine

The Erie Belle was a steamship called upon to help out a schooner that had blown ashore after it overshot the Kincardine Harbour.  During its time trying to pull out the schooner, it blew up and the last remnant is the boiler from the steam ship.  The ice has moved the boiler to the beach over the years.  More information about Erie Belle found here.  The Erie Belle is a great restaurant in Kincardine, especially for fish and chips.

Shot at ISO 100, f25, 1.0s

2) Kincardine Harbour

This photo was shot during the friendly visit from one of the beavers that swim up and down the Penatangore River at the harbour, blog post found here.  The wind was up which usually means good water action shots and I’m happy the way this one turned out.  It spices up a sunset shot in the summer which can pretty static.

Photo shot at ISO 1600, f4, 1/15s, noise reduction in Nik Dfine software for Aperture.

3) Boiler Beach Sunset

I like Boiler Beach since it has some good foreground elements to include for landscape shooters, especially plenty of rocks which you can have a play with when you’re sorting out your compositions.  The water these days should be a lot warmer than the March/April shoots I was working on where rubber boots were a must.  This one is one of my favourites since we moved to Kincardine 2 years ago.

Shot at ISO 100, f16, 1.3s

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