July Photo Upload!

Hello everyone,

Its that fun time again where I upload a couple of the best photos I’ve taken lately (and sometimes we crack open the vault and post something from the past.).  I’ve been shooting more lately and its funny how much one can fine tune both their field and post-processing work flow by putting your nose to the grindstone.  Before we get into the monthly upload, I should mention a few photographers that I have been either studying or reviewing their instructional work.  Let’s it pay it forward shall we?

1) Aaron Pryor – Aaron is from Australia and I stumbled upon his work on Flickr.  Check him out here and here.

2) Ian Plant – Ian has a great interview with Tamron on YouTube here.  Also, check out his main site here.  I’ve purchased some of his e-books and they’re a great resource for landscape photography.

Now, on with the show…

1&2) 10th Concession Sunsets

I tried out a new location between 8th Concession and 10th Concession along Boiler Beach.  Lately the sunsets have been average for clouds (except last night which I missed…) which usually means there better be decent light in the water or the picture just won’t sing.  This was shot with a Canon 50D, Manfrotto Tripod, Canon 10-22mm lens.  I bracketed this shot at -2 for exposure in case I wanted to do HDR but it looks fine as is.

ISO 100, f11, 1/15s

The next photo is a much more simple composition with a zoom lens which I don’t normally do but the sun was pretty cool even though it wasn’t reflecting off of the sky.  I used the Canon 70-200 f4IS and composed the rocks to create a triangle effect so the eye isn’t static.

ISO 100 f11 1/40s

3) Goderich Harbour Tree Reflections

I talked about this photo in an April blog post, check it out here for all the details.

That’s it for now folks.  Come to my Facebook page and ‘Like’ me there for all the updates. Head to the main site and enter your email address for an email anytime new photos are added.  Thanks for dropping by, its been a lot of fun to discuss these images.  Plenty more in the hopper!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Jason Finner

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