August SuperFabPhotofest Update

Good day everyone,

Its the middle of August so its time for some new images uploaded to the main site, for sale.  As usual, clicking on either Current Images for Sale or Photo Archive will provide different albums to browse.

We have 3 images that have been uploaded with 1 that has been featured on the blog.  Here are the current show dogs!  Cue the music (and the clowns…)!

1) Irish Coast – this photo was taken on a trip to Ireland pre-kids.  This was shot back in the day when I had a Canon Rebel XTi which goes to show that camera bodies <$1000 can take great images.  The lens was the 24-105 f4 L IS lens which is a beauty and my everyday workhorse.  Thankfully this lens has image stabilization since this body lacked Auto ISO and it was definitely taken during a very steep learning curve of learning how to shoot without auto modes.   Photogs will laugh when I tell you that the shot was taken at f11 (that’s fine) but at 1/6 of a second handheld…not exactly the fastest shutter speed for sharp photos but this one worked out due to the IS on the lens…who said that tech didn’t matter!?!  This image was converted using SilverEfex Pro 2 (Nik Effects software suite) and I especially like the grain that was added.

This photo is currently for sale in the Victoria Park Art Gallery in Kincardine in the 12×18 photo size (18×24 black frame/white mat).

2) This image was featured in my June 20th blog post called A New Location.  Check out the blog post here.

Shot with Canon 50D, Manfrotto tripod, Canon 10-22 Wide angle, ISO 200, f11, 0.3s

3) Here’s a new photo that my tens of fans haven’t seen yet!  This one was a lot of fun to make and I definitely should’ve had my swimsuit.  For as long as I post to this blog, I’ll trumpet the need for foreground and this image is a testament to it. Keep the photobag away from the water and if you forget something, run like h#ll, get what you need and come back to the tripod…even though my tripod is usually 6″ off the ground or less, water will undermine the tripod eventually and your camera is taking a bath.  Ive always thought that eventually I’ll buy an old digital SLR and buy a used underwater housing for something completely different…but that’s for another day.  The key to this photo is not putting the sun dead centre, horizon at the 1/3 point (not in the middle) and a slow shutter speed.  Slow shutter speeds are tricky so you should run if you find a photographer who says they can do this on one take!  This takes time, experimentation and patience.  The winning combo for this photo was ISO 100 (for the cleanest noise free image), f22 (which creates a cool starburst effect) and shot at 0.3s.

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