Its time for the December 2012 Upload!

I guess I’ve preached too much to the ‘net about not writing blog entries that include being too busy…but I’m going to break that rule and say its been a crazy 3 months since I last posted.  Add a second child into the mix (we’re blessed with a second daughter in September), a career transition to financial planning from engineering including exams and a whole pile of meetings, travelling and blah blah blah…you get the point.  Its fine time we added a few new photos to the mother site,  and reconnect with my tens of fans!

I haven’t changed the focus of the blog – my mission is to still share the ups and downs of being a landscape photographer and some technical breakdown of the ‘keepers’ that make the website.  I know its been a while since I’ve shot anything when my wife tells me that its time to get out and shoot….

The sunset has almost completed its annual shift toward a southerly sunset along the beach so it should make for some interesting compositions.  We’ll see what I can find over the next month instead of just a sore throat….but on with the show!

Here are the latest keepers for the main site:

1) Sun Valley

If you’re serious about becoming a better photographer, you’ve probably read some of the works of Rick Sammon.  Rick is one of the most affable teachers you’re going to find that truly wears his heart on his sleeve.  Rick has been dubbed the ‘Godfather’ of photography and has published numerous books and apps.  Check out Rick at

One of Rick’s main teaching themes is that instead of taking good photographs, you should create great photographs….which brings me to the creation of this photo.  While I was shooting….some guy who looked just like me took a pail of water and completely wet the rocks in the foreground which completely showed the sunlight in the reflections…awesome!  Other points to note about this shot are the horizon is not dead centre, the slower shutter speed provides for some motion blur of the waves and I closed down the aperture to f25 for the star burst on the sun.

Shot with a Canon 50D, 10-22mm wide angle lens, ISO 100, f25, 1/4s.

LurganBeach8-10thSunset_ 2012-07-09_21-08-21_©JasonFinner_2012

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Exciting News!

We have exciting news to share with everyone.  Yesterday I received word from the Victoria Park Gallery in Kincardine that my work has been accepted into the gallery!  More details about the gallery can be found here.  The VPG is located on Queen Street in Kincardine here.  The VPG is a co-operative so anytime you drop by to browse and buy art, one of the artists will be there to answer any questions.  Very cool!  The gallery also has a monthly guest artist space so its worth it to drop by and check out each guest artist’s work.

Another great gallery to check out beside VPG is the Scougall Gallery.  John Scougall was a photographer from the 1880s to 1920s and his estate has some great work for sale at the gallery showing what life was like in Kincardine a long time ago.

For those of you curious where Kincardine, Ontario is, check out which is the tourism website.

Here are the current pieces that I have for sale at the gallery:

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A Landscape Photo Shoot Deconstructed

I’ve often admired some of the best photographers that have shared their technique for those that wish to learn the craft.  Chase Jarvis is a classic example of this approach.  He is not only an incredible photographer, he doesn’t hold back in trying to make you one as well.  This entry follows that philosophy and it shares with you how I created the photo included in my last blog post using a minimalist’s approach.  I had family in town who wanted to see one of the famed Lake Huron sunsets and I was only too happy to play tour guide.  My SLR made the trip too.  I admit to falling into the trap of needing all of my gear (a future post as well so stay tuned) but I decided to travel lightly and see what the evening had to offer.  No filters, no tripod, no shutter remote and only 1 lens.  Sounds like a photographer’s nightmare!

If you were to ask me for advice, Step 1 to get you out of snap shots and into creating photographs would be to include a foreground (right Trish!).  As we were walking along the beach these rocks presented themselves as the ideal opportunity to see what we could do with the camera.

Step 2 of creating good landscape photographs could be slower shutter speeds and see what cool effects you can create with the incoming waves.  I tried something reasonably risky for my 24-105mm lens and I set the camera down on the beach.  Not recommended for those that get queasy if their gear gets a scratch (or in this case the possibility of sand in the lens).  If I could get a mulligan, next time I would grab my GorillaPOD tripod which is easy to carry around if you want to travel lightly…it would have saved a few sand grains bouncing around in my focus ring! Continue reading