The February Cream o’ the Crop

Its time for a new upload to the main site for photo sales!

This month I selected 3 photos that are uploaded for sale on the mother site,  In no particular order let’s dive right into it!

1) Port Albert Life

This photo is taken at the beach in Port Albert, Ontario.  I remember taking this photo when we were on holidays visiting the area when we were living in Calgary, Alberta.  I used a graduated neutral density filter which darkened the sky enough so that the camera could capture the dynamic range.  You’ll find that cameras don’t have the same range as our eyes – we can see the blackest (darkest) part of a scene and the whitest (brightest) scenes but our cameras don’t have the same range.  If I didn’t use the filter, then either the foreground is too dark or the sky would be too bright depending on what I used for the exposure.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, using the High Dynamic Range technique, one could take 3 photos (dark, neutral, bright) with the bracketing function and combine them with an HDR program like Photomatix or HDR Efex Pro (which I use) and come out with a similar result.  Some like to use the filter during shooting which removes the need for more computer work; some like to travel light and reduce the amount of gear in the field…take your pick.  (I may have dragged that log into the scene for foreground but my memory is a bit foggy….)

Shot with Canon 50D, Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens, f22, 1.5s, ISO 100 with tripod

VacationPortAlbert_ 2009-08-22_18-02-08__MG_6275_©JasonFinner_2009

2) Sunset Palette

This photo was shot during a beach party with friends in Grand Bend, Ontario.  This is is shot with a tripod and the 15s exposure gives the water that glass like stillness.  Of course this photo breaks some of the classic landscape photography rules like having a dominant foreground but sometimes the light conditions will dominate a photo and there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with simple compositions, especially since the clouds cooperated.

Shot with a Canon 50D, Canon 10-22mm wideangle lens, f25, 15s, ISO 100

Import_ 2012-07-21_21-20-22__MG_6626_©JasonFinner_2012

3) Cold Starburst

Speaking of HDR, here is one for you!  This shot was taken at the Blakeney Rapids in Ontario.  This is a bit of a modified HDR since this was only based on 1 shot and the software will darken the file and then overexpose the file and combine all three images.  I guess you could call it a lazy HDR but its quite finicky and doesn’t always work.  When the program manually creates the brighter image (by literally increasing the exposure), the exposure increase introduces digital noise (speckles) in the image in the darker areas.  The noise will look pretty poor on a larger image and sometimes can’t be cleaned up by a program like Nik Efex Dfine.  The only way that the noise can be removed is by smudging the pixels around the noise which will eventually look like a very soft image with little definition.  As usual, it always best to try to nail the image in the field (or  at least take multiple images in the field for a proper HDR process).

Shot with a Canon 50D, Canon 24-105mm, f22, 1/6s, ISO 100


As usual, you can check out for higher resolution photos and check our Facebook page.

Happy Shooting,


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